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Why did monk sell his car? May 13, 2006

Posted by nsworld in Books/Literature.

the_monk_who_sold_his_ferrari1.jpgRobin sharma`s interesting book The Monk who sold his Ferari, is really an eye opener for all those who alwys depended on west for the stuffs like motivation, stop worrying, achievement etc.,

This is the westernised presentation of our Good old sayings of Upanishads. It seems YADH BHAVAM TADH BHAVATI is the one inspirational saying that has inspired Lawyer turned motivational speaker Robin sharma to pen this book. I don`t say this is a must read, but still a good book and u can profit from it.



1. Shaila Rajiv - November 9, 2006

My comment was published in Letters to the Editor, Gulf News, Friday, 3/11/06

I’ve not read any of Robin Sharma’s books but appreciate his views and thoughts of wisdom.
I have noticed he is an educated person who could enjoy talking to everybody and anybody,
tolerate all races, better himself through reading books, develop personally and love his family unconditionally.
What got me thinking is why was he unable to understand, tolerate or love one person in this world unconditionally – his wife ?
Reasons maybe plenty, but if you are good at preaching and know all of life, why was it hard to understand one
person in his life who is the mother of his two kids ? He may have the whole world’s attention through books and speeches but at the
end of the day, what satisfaction does he get after preaching to human kind, if he could not understand one person in his life who is his other half or soul ?
I like Sharma’s views but ‘Practise what you preach’ is the message I’d like to give him.

2. saandeep joshi - April 18, 2007

i had just finished the monk who sold his ferari by robin sharma. it is totally absurd on robin sharma part that he had picked up all the ingredients for the book from here and there and gave it a shape of a great work . mr sharma just visit india and u will see that this sort of sermon are delivered even by an ordinary guy. tell me one thing are you honestly implement in your life all that you are trying to preach through lawyer turned monk. you people are befooling these firangi by marketing indian values , ethick. in nut shell i would like to say one thing all that you had writen is not your own imagination but a readymade stuff. well done man at least you know the art very well how to make quick money .

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