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Gandhigiri, RDB and Indian youth October 3, 2006

Posted by nsworld in Theatre/Films.

After the success of Lagae raho Munnabhai, at box office Media, both electronic and print,is busy singing the return of Gandhigiri. These very favourable reviews  compelled me to watch the sequel to Munnabhai MBBS. After watching the brilliantly crafted movie, what I feel is, this is a good time pass movie which also gives you some food for thought. Coming back to `Return of Gandhigiri` I can`t say this film will restart an era of Gandhigiri. It is true, film has succeded in educating today`s youth , to whom the word Gandhi represented something  outdated, the Gandhian way of protest, life and its relevance in modern world.

But as I asked earlier will it restart a  movement called Gandhigiri? I think NO. Though the answer may seem little harsh , but I think so. Ask me why…?  For any major movement to flourish people should have firm belief in their culture, value system and should have  common goals. (By culture I am not referring to any particular religion, caste or creed) In today`s India we youth are a confused lot. We are neither rooted in our culture nor comfortable with whatever thrust upon us by west. We are neither trying to adopt the best of both worlds. Thats why i said , we are a confused lot. Sometimes growth, industrialisation, profits, money, greed, consumerism motivates us and sometimes we get attracted to ideas and movements such as Gandhigiri and films like Rang de Basanti impresses us.

What we lack today is the awareness skill and intelligence to blend the finer aspects of our tradition, history, culture, literature , with the skills ,attitudes, culture and competitiveness required for success in modern day world.

Thats why we end up imitating west and at the same time wearing designer Khadi and applauding the success of Lagae raho Munnabhai



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