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`Mungaru Malae` much needed rain for Kannada industry! March 27, 2007

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mungaru_male_21.jpgIs it too late to write about `Mungaru Malae`, that too when the media is overflowing with the stories of its making, success and its after effects? I don`t know .

But it is true , I decided to have a look at it only when there was a overflow of appreciation for it both in media and friends` circle. Even today I am surprised, that Ravi Belagere decided to devote his weekly`s front page to shower praises on Yogaraj Bhat (Director).

`Mungaru Male` in a nutshell, simple story, tight narration, slightly unexpected ending, good music, excellent cinemotography, great lyrics by Jayant and Yogaraj Bhat himself. Music and lyrics comparable to the standards set by `Amruthavarshini` (another great kannada hit).

Kannada audience wanted a break from the `machhu and katti ` stuff and were bored of the same faces, in that sense it was also a good timing by Yogaraj Bhat and team. Excellent performance by supporting cast and good show by Ganesh (glimpses of Rajesh Khanna here and there) and Sanjana Gandhi.

Thanks to Nagatihalli Chandrashekar for introducing a software engineer turned music director (Mano murthy) to kannada industry with his `America America`.

Coming to Economics, film has already made six times the money invested i.e. Return on capital is 6. And the audio sales has also brought in decent amount of money. Hope we will watch the Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam version of this movie soon.



1. Sharath Kumar - March 27, 2007

Heard a lot about the movie from all the people i know and recommendation from overseas too…but have had many aborted attempts to watch the movie myself…but have been watching one or the other video of the songs everyday from the day the movie is released. The songs have been pened very well, my personal fav being the tounge twister ” mungaru maleyee”. The one thing about this release is it seems it has attracted all types of crowd, some of my friends who never watch kannada movie(being a kannadiga)has seen it…As you say Prasad, the songs which has appealled long after Amruthavarshini and America America…

2. Prithvi - April 18, 2007

I agree that the songs are very nice in this movie, but the disappointing factor not only in this movie but kannada movies in general is we need hindi playback singers to make these songs sound good. Dont we have good singers out here?? i know music doesn’t have any boundaries but motivate the local talent at the same time. One question i have to ask is how many of south indian singers have made it to bollywood??

If you listen to few of the songs sung by sonu nigam in kannada movies, the pronounciation is very pathetic for example Anisutide from Mungaru male where he forgets the “aum kara” everytime.

3. saraswathi - June 21, 2007

I agree it is very nice movie and attracted by many types of peoples. Peoples are crazy about mungaru malae and golden star ganesh dats it.

4. jyothi - June 21, 2007



5. Shrihari.B.S - July 22, 2007

I love mungaru male film very much.Though i have seen the movie twice i am not satisfied.I like title song very much

6. Krishna - July 23, 2007

Its all the magic of Ganesh who has worked hard so much and come up dats why people like him and his innocence is really great. He is a person of heart He is one of us and not a film star I am a big fan of him. Meet you soon Ganesh.

7. RAGHU N - July 24, 2007

The movie is really good, the ganesh acting is super and songs is very excellent,i love this movie

8. aishwarya - July 28, 2007

I love mungaru male movie very much i ,love ganesh so much i love ganesh and pooja pair very much they two are good pairs in the movie and songs are excellant i like all the songs in the movie but one of my feeling in the movies is the title track mungaaru male araluthiru jeevada geleya and evanu geleyanalla was not shot full any way expect this i dont have any comments about this film because this is my one of the personal favourite film which i cant forget in my life time atlast ganesh has done an excellant work in the movie and i love ganesh very very much i love munggaaru male i love mungaaru male ganesh totally i like mungaaru male very very much

9. Asha - August 4, 2007

I like this movie beacause its songs are very touching
its lyrics is good Ganesh has played a good role suitable to him with fantastic expressions

I like the tatle song very much

10. saki - September 19, 2007

dear no comments on your movie da.its amazing n the song are very beautiful ,you made a record in our hearts, i’m realy proud of you.

11. chandrakala - October 9, 2007

mungaru male is a nice film…but not that good.its a tragidy….rather it could be a happy ending love story…no doubt the story is very realistic but still its a movie…so it should be like a movie…not a real thing

12. shrikanth nayak - October 29, 2007

very very nice movie and all the best to golden star ganesh and jayant kaykini

13. Praveen - December 1, 2007

Great Going ….to be completed 1 year of showing at PVR cinemas Bangalore…. Never in the History of PVR cinemas all over India…

14. harika - December 6, 2007

This is a awesome that reveals the truth of love,because sacrificing your love for the sake of your loved one is too great.Its seriously wonderful movie as the preetam wanted nandini to be happy even if he was not. This is true love.

15. harika - December 6, 2007

This is a awesome movie, that reveals the truth of love,because sacrificing your love for the sake of your loved one is too great.Its seriously wonderful movie as the preetam wanted nandini to be happy even if he was not. This is true love.

16. Priyadarshini - December 18, 2007

Hey Mr.Ganesh is quite handsome and chocolate guy. with his lovely looks. I like him a lot…………..and his films

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