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`Hall of Shame`-World Cup Fiasco! March 29, 2007

Posted by nsworld in Sports.

ang21.jpgang11.jpgToday morning Indian cricket team has returned to home land. Friend who was at B`lore Airport to welcome his sister, said except Press Photographers no body was interested to see Dravid and Kumble.

Experts have said, we have heard , Media has wasted reams of paper in analysing the disastarous performance of Team India. Fans have pelted stones, burnt effigy etc.etc,. Lots of funny SMSs and Mails have been making rounds across India through Desktops and Mobiles.

Who will be the new coach? Who will be the new captain? Who are all in/out ? these are the questions in the air.

By the way If you people had seen the match between Australia and South Africa, I think there is lot to learn from that single match. Attitude, Aggressiveness, Killer Instincts are the three main attributes lacking in Indian squad. Bring these three and you will see tremendous change. But who (BCCI, Selection committee, coach, etc.) has got time for all these silly things?????



1. Sharath Kumar - March 29, 2007

Read your post, its really hard to face the reality about our indian team, they not being even in the super 8, when i went a little deep, i find this is how we indian’s are basically, fundamentally, we only take and dont give back when i comes to venting out, no matter what it is…..If this is what is lacking in our cricket team, i’ve seen and had counterparts across the world, most of the people other than indian are aggressive etc etc. I read the TOI(29.03.07) in which NRMurty of Infy gives his post mortem of the dibacle….Need to really think whats wrong than to blame 11 people. But one think which really struck me was the indian teams faces when they landed, IS ‘NOT WINNING’ A CRIME, WILL THEY BE ARRESTED FOR THIS…

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