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Relationships on Ad hoc basis.. April 15, 2007

Posted by nsworld in Generally Speaking.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Media is in full swing on the story of “Prince Williams and Kate, Split”. “The Sun”, which broke the news, says that a five year old relationship has come to an end. It has already given it the colour of  “Army first Girl friend next”.

Private affairs of celebrities/Royal families have always been the favourite topic of Paparazzi and Tabloids mostly in Western world.

Frequently “Breaking and Making of relationships” is not only the story of Western Civilization, but of late we are observing this phenomenon in our own back yard.

Why Relationships these days are not strong, stable and long lasting or Is `Ad hocism` is the favourite flavour of the today`s generation? 

Partly we can blame it on the chaotic and confusing environment prevailing in Liberlised and Globalised World of today, where Standard of Living takes the first seat and the Standard of Life takes back seat.

Media`s Overglorification and Tracking of each and every movement of Celebrities is also sending wrong signals to the youth who are struggling to arrive at clarity of thought with respect to what is right or wrong.

Last week a Radio Station of the city ran a programme , in which listeners were asked to respond to a question  as to , What would they gift to their Ex Boy friend/Girl friend in their marriage. Most of the callers to the Radio Station had Bad wishes/ gifts for their Exs.

What can we interpret from this, Should we appreciate the `Life goes on` attitude of Youth or Have we forgotten the famous lines of Mohd. Rafi, Yeh, Dua hai meri Kush raho Tum Sada Ke Liye?



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