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In their World of Silence…. May 15, 2007

Posted by nsworld in Generally Speaking.

swans1.jpg  It was 12.05 in the dusty afternoon of a hot summer. The Compartment of ,12.00 noon, Mysore-Bangalore Express, in which i was seated, was sparcely populated and resembling a microwave oven. Though the scheduled departure was 12.00 noon, the Train somehow was reluctant to leave calm and serene station of Mysore.

At 12.10 it started slowly moving. Suddenly two girls ,seemingly, in their early 20s came running and entered the compartment and sat infront my seat with a sigh of relief. As soon as the Train started moving cool breeze started reducing the inside compartment temperature.

I was immersed in a well researched article on SEZs in Business World.Few minutes later when I moved my head out of magazine I found them conversing. Yes they were talking to each other! “Whats great deal in that?” you may ask.

Yes there is, they were communicating using `Sign` language. I was taken aback for moment.Then I could observe, both of them wearing small and sophisticated `Hearing aids`.

They went on talking, talking, using sign language. They were laughing, at times disagreeing with each others` point of view. I could sense their feelings but not their language. It seemed to me that they didn`t have any barriers of communication.They were so immersed in their conversation that they had conveniently forgotten the presence of a stranger sitting just infront.

Suddenly one of the beautiful girls took out a Stardust magazine from her bag and started showing a photograph of Shahruk Khan to her friend. Then they went on exchanging their thoughts on each and every article and photo in that magazine. They seemed enjoying each and every bit of information  in that magazine.

“What they would have felt, if they were able to hear the melodious songs and dialogues of the movies they liked?” suddenly this question flashed in my mind. But they seemed least bothered about that. Both of them had Mobile phones and messaging was their easiest mode of communication.They were exchanging their messages and showing each other those special and funny messages they received from their near and dear ones.

With everything at our disposal, still every day and night we think and worry about the things and facilities we don`t have and keep on postponing our happiness. Suddenly these two happy and fiercely independent beautiful girls looked like Swans floating over the calm waves of Ganga, least bothered of the things and facilities they don`t have in their life and making most out of the gifts bestowed upon them.

Back Home I still feel that , I was not able to strike a conversation with them, and in their world of Happiness and Joy and I was the one Handicaped Person!!



1. sharath kumar - May 16, 2007

So true, we are handicaps in front of them, we have many things and we can afford many more things, but on the flip side is this life only about having something just for the pride of having it or having something which gives us happiness and satisfaction for this whole life…?? Need a lot of introspection on this end…thanks for this post Mr.Prasad, an eye opener for me

2. Anonymous - May 18, 2007

The Swans look smooth and calm on top of water, but underneath there is restless peddling. Similarly in life nothing worthwhile comes without struggle 🙂

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