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Brand and Branding May 29, 2007

Posted by nsworld in Generally Speaking.

begend51.jpgBrand and Branding has got into our nerves. In today’s world of hectic and cut throat competition, you can`t live without Brand and Branding.

There is a Brand for everything we wear from socks to Hair gel, we use. Sometimes the environment we live and the peer pressure forces us to go for everything branded. What is the one particular aspect that forces us to go for a particular brand? Quality, Reliability, or any other thing more than that?

If we analyse the whole phenomenon of `Brand`, key aspect we can observe is that, everything is played around a small thing called ` Human Ego`. `I want to be different`, `I want to be recognised, appreciated`are the simple and most common `Human Egos`, which Brand Builders exploit.

Another simple question is, When a particular product/service can be called as a superior Brand?  Answer is, when a product/service is superior in quality, reliable, costly and not easily reachable to each and every person desirous of having it. Then only it can satisfy the `ego` of select privileged people , who flaunt it before `have nots`. And this is also the simple `funda` of building a Brand.

Another hard reality of life is also that, we need to create a brand for ourselves so that our objective/goal in life is achieved. How do we do it? Just follow the strategy adopted for product/service brand building? i.e. `cashing on ego`? or it should be a different one?

Definitely we should not follow the strategy of `cash on ego` when we are in the process of building brand for ourselves. Instead it should be based on the broad principles such as strength, courage, self-reliance, simplicity, harmony and our aim should be to create such a brand for ourselves which is perfectly in sync with our noble Upanishadic concept of `Vasudaiva Kutumbakam`.(The whole world is mine and everybody living here belong to one big family) Then only it can be a successful brand such as ,Vivekananda, Ramakrishna paramahansa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, to mention a few.



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