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Budget-The same old story!! February 14, 2008

Posted by nsworld in Business and Economy.

pc.jpg  Budget season, and all eyes on North Block once again. And as usual pressures from three quarters on the man who is going to present his seventh budget and become the `Finance minister` who has presented second heighest number of Budgets, in Independent India.(First being Morarji Desai with eight budgets).

Pressure, One, from various industries which have their own grievances` ranging from Excise duty to FBT. Two from the `Economy`, which has its own problems in the form of Inflation, Monetary pressure, Fiscal health, Global pressure, what and what not. Third and the most powerful from the political lobby which despartely wants a `Feel good` factor to face the electorates, in the days to come.

Really a balancing act, but this is not the first time he is facing such a situation. He has proved his talent in dealing with a situation like this in the previous UF regime.

No amount of discussion and debates on what to expect, what not to and what is the better way? will solve the good old problem of `Delivery mechanism` being the faulty one.  Flawed Delivery mechanism can fail the ambitious and most well intentioned programmes and NREGP (National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme) being the classic example. Ironically, Adopting a Zero base concept and creating a robust Delivery mechanism are the two important factors which are forgotten budget on budget.



1. prithvi - February 14, 2008

there’s no doubt that this budget is going to be a election oriented budget….hope we get benefited out of the political game this time!!!

2. Acharya S - February 25, 2008

yes, obviously but more than this we cant expect also!!!!

emmm atleast this time keeping the election angle they do some modification on HRA, Educational expenses, Old age plan like by re-intoducing 80L for middle level family.

Nodona ….. hope for the best

As usual Prasad good summerisation of different topic .. 🙂

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