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Those two Ad. campaigns…. February 25, 2008

Posted by nsworld in Business and Economy.

Two Ad. campaigns which made their appearance, one during later part of 2007 and the other during  the early  2008, and which i think were successful in striking a chord, were `Jeete raho`from ICICI Prudential and `We all change for the Ones we Love`from Canara Bank.Both of them incidentlly belong to Financial Service Industry.

Jeete Raho: Agency Lowe, prefers the old method of `story telling` in this campaign to pass on the message of importance of Insurance, and is successful to a great extent also. Couple seemingly in their early thirties, perfectly pass on the message to the targeted customers, with the combination of humour and sentiment. Ad starts with, telling  about the uncertainties surrounding in this world  in a subtle manner and finally ends up saying `why to worry`when you have the simple solution in the form of Insurance.`Story telling` is also successful because of the cast involved with whom the targeted customers can easily relate to, and identify with. 

We all change….Ogilvy and Mather which launched the re-branding exercise for Canara Bank has done a series of ads both for print and electronic media, with the base line `We all change for the ones we love`. Electronic media series has two superbly done ads. exactly conveying the base line `We all change…

In one of the ads, a young twenty something woman tries to master her knowledge on the game of cricket to impress her husband. She tries to identify the various fielding positions(such as silly point, gali, third man)  by substituting vegetables for players on her dining table and trying her hand on umpiring  with children playing on street.

Another ad. in the same series shows  Kannada speaking Woman learning Punjabi to welcome her daughter in law who is a Punjabi. Finally she welcomes her daughter in law in Punjabi and says “She is part of our family”. Both of these, very clearly and emotionally shows the intention and effort of the part of Bank to adopt to new technologies and methodologies to suit to the changing needs of  modern world, and this clearly drives home the point “We all change for the ones we love”.



1. Tina - February 25, 2008

Hi Prasad,
Thanks for the info. I completely agree with your views about the ads. But somehow..
My devious and scheming feminist mind has found a glitch in the canbank ad. Both the ads show women trying to change, not men. Do you think there is a subtle message flowing beneath the surface here?
– Tina.

2. Prasad - February 25, 2008

Tina Thanks for your observation.

Can Bank Ad. Campaign:

In one Ad. A woman is changing for another woman i.e. her daughter in law.

Usually Ad world is very careful and cautious, not to send any wrong or politically incorrect signals. World of cricket is no more a male bastion. Women have started showing interest and participating in every spheres of the game… (Likes of Mandira Bedi) so I think the second one should be taken and understood in that spirit.

3. Acharya S - February 25, 2008

Hi Prasad,

I really did’t get, which advertise u r speaking to!@#$$%$

I feel the basic introduction about the advertisement is missing, but the naration part u r top.

It will be better if you attach the photos or video’s or else atlest link – which leads us to know the back ground.

Is it right????

4. nsworld - February 26, 2008

Definitely will take care to attach pictures or videos henceforth…

5. prithvi - June 20, 2008

whatz ur take on the latest vodafone ad where they claim happy to help? whether they help or not is a different issue altogether!!!

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