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Election, Global warming, Inflation etcetera…. May 6, 2008

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ust few days and the first leg of Assembly elections kicks off in Karnataka, amidst hot sun sucking glucose or whatever from our head using a plastic pipe(Remember Glucon-D advertisement).Many pre poll surveys are doing rounds, each one suiting the ambitions of the author or the brain behind the survey.


 A quick check at the temperature stats across India shows an average increase of one to one and half degree Celsius compared to last year, strengthening the Global warming and glacier meltdown theories. Still our cities and semi urban areas are growing with more and more flashy multi storied buildings sporting jazzy glass and fancy steel.


Big thanks to Chief election commissioner and all other responsible for conducting elections, for having made this election, relatively noise and plastic free and there by contributing towards green and clean environment. Reduced noise pollution, curb on use of plastic for banners and buntings have really made this election tolerable even during this hot summer.


Inflation much to the embarrassment of ruling coalition at the center has come as a handy weapon for the non ruling parties fighting elections. Will this inflation do what increased `Aalu Pyaaz` price did for Vajpayee government few years back? Will have to wait and see.


Latest food for thought: Here comes another salvo fired by US President on the reasons behind global inflation. According to Bush, increased consumption by Indian middle class along with China is the main cause for Global inflation and increased commodity prices. Our political parties are already up in arms and have started making Bush’s effigy for the protest rallies.


President Bush is not completely wrong when he says that increased demand for food and oil from India and china is driving the global prices. At least he is partially correct from `Demand` side perspective. India and China are the fastest growing developing economies (8+ percentage growth) in the world driving demand for commodity and oil world wide.

But there are big and compelling reasons from supply side also, coupled with excessive shifting of focus on bio fuels and many more from various other quarters.


Finally… Exercise your franchise.Don’t forget or neglect.


You don’t have right to complain or blame also, if you don’t vote.



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