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Why ANANTH still has an edge in Blore-South? April 2, 2009

Posted by nsworld in Generally Speaking.

With the announcement of candidature of Krishna Byre Gowda, from INC, fierce contest to the prestigious Bangalore South has entered its final stage. Now it is crystal clear, fifth time aspirant Ananth Kumar, will be facing US educated, young and clean face of youth Congress, Krishna Byre Gowda. 


A close look at the results and the candidates who contested, from 1977 to 1996 shows us that, never at any point of time, any political party/ candidate showed interest in nurturing this constituency,(except for a brief period in 80s when Venkatagiri Gowda, contested multiple times from BJP and won in 1991). This constituency was always used as a ground to field educated and some times popular candidates, who seldom had interest in working for and nurturing the constituency.


Continuation of the same trend and attitude can be observed when we look at Capt. Gopinath choosing Blore south to test his luck and JD (s) bringing in Prof Radhakrishna. This attitude was also showed by, INC when reorganization of areas forming part of Constituency showed a different caste equation and Congress contemplated fielding retired and re-entered S M Krishna and finally deciding on Krishna Byre Gowda.


Ananth Kumar (four time winner 1996-98-99-2004)is the only candidate who has shown interest in nurturing the constituency with development projects and that’s probably the reason for his consecutive wins. May be Ananth, has not done exceptionally well when evaluated from the point of view of many of the  performance related parameters but still stands as the lone loyal and most reachable candidate, both to the elite and the common voters of the constituency.


Amnesia, pub attack in Mangalore, and Varun Gandhi’s hate speech are being used in the election campaign by candidates opposing Ananth, shows their lack of understanding and interest when it comes to the development of constituency per se. On a micro level, these two issues doesn’t have any relevance at all, for the voters of Bangalore south. Though termed as the constituency of elite and educated, but like any other ordinary voters of any other constituency, voters of Bangalore south are also, more interested in the quality of drinking water they get and issues like road, electricity, public library, Health centers, infrastructure and the approachability of the candidate representing them. Keeping this in mind, it would not be a surprise, if people of Bangalore south, prefer Ananth for the fifth time, rejecting all other migratory birds.


All said and done, this time its also not going to be a cake walk for Ananth, whose victory margin (in terms of the percentage of votes) has been decreasing since 1998 elections and also now he has a youthful, formidable candidate in the form of Krishna Byre Gowda. So this time it would make more sense for everybody, if candidates talk only about development and Bangalore South.



1. Nithin - April 9, 2009

Interesting piece of article. Nice blog :). Also, I was curious to know the procedure you followed, if any, to configure wordpress to blog in Kannada. I couldn’t find it.


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