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`Forbes` in India May 25, 2009

Posted by nsworld in Business and Economy.

Forbes, not a very unfamiliar name amongst Indians, even amongst those who never read a business paper or magazine. The name Forbes, makes every one of us remember its most popular, List of Richest people, published every year and couple of Indians, who always find a mention there. 

I was waiting to have the touch and feel of India Forbes, since the time I learnt that, Network 18(Parent of CNBC, CNN IBN, Awaaz), is partnering with Forbes LLC(Owner of Forbes Magazine) to bring the Indian version/edition of Forbes. And also was very curious about its approach, content, treatment and importance to India centric stories along with the best qualities of its world famous parent. 

Now the very first issue of “INDIA Forbes” is out and after having gone through each and every page of it for two days, I feel it can make a difference in the overcrowded Business News market in India, where more than ten players both in print and electronic are fighting for TRP/Readership. 

Forbes is not a kind of magazine, which always focuses on the issue/event, that happened last week or fortnight, which is the most common format of all other Business magazines. And “India Forbes” seems to be following the path of its parent, if the first issue is anything to go by. 

First issue is very rich in India centric contents. The cover page article on Lakshmi Mittal and his fight to save his Steel Empire from the onslaught of recession and host of other Industry related problems is a good piece to read. You can also see the other side of Vijay Mallya in this issue, the warrior Mallya fighting all odds to save his debt ridden empire. 

Rs.50 for a fortnightly issue, is bit high when compared to other competitors, but content wise seems to be fairly priced. Whether it succeeds in becoming, a widely read and respected magazine, or ends up as a great brand to showcase in ones house or office? I think, next few issues will clearly tell us that.



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