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dsc016801Name       : Nagaprasad N S,

A Financial Analyst by Training .

Interests : Reading, Writing, Blogging, Busines and Finance, Economy, Stock markets,Travelling, Day dreaming, Sleeping etc..



1. Sharath Kumar - March 27, 2007

Prasad, you seem to be a very versatile guy….like me….want to see more posts on this blog, im one regular to this page…keep me interested or im gone

2. Srinidhi - March 30, 2007

Hi, Prasad this is the first time i saw your blog and it seems pretty interesting to see your saying on various sectors like books,films, sports etc.But the only thing which i found that you should write more on is stock market i saw you haven’t updated for quite a long time so better u work on that.

Keep it going.

3. ca.sharath - April 17, 2007

dear prasad, i read your bolg in kannada , yella ok adre konely thanks antha english yake?
i would go through your blog on a regular basis
look forward to lot of value addition from your end
good luck

4. Kanchan - April 17, 2007

It is very intriguing. Since it is the first time i have knocked at your blog, i must say it quite appealing.
It shows you are highly efficacious.
I am sure to be a regular visitor.
Keep up the work.

p.s: i really liked your kannada version being appended. believe me i hardly read kannada these days which is such a shame.

5. Prithvi - April 17, 2007


Excellent work…keep goin man… ur blogspot is added in my favorites and it will be regular visits from now on…

How abt publishing some of ur cartoons???

Enjoy blogging!!!


6. Srinidhi - May 1, 2007

Hi Prasad
Congts on finishing one year, Keep going. As Mr.Prithivi written add some of our cartoons.


7. SureshTK - May 9, 2007

Hi Prasad,

U r such a versatile person, I really enjoy reading your blogs.

Keep it up.

All the very best to you.


8. Shreeprada - July 15, 2007

Hi Nagaprasad,
It was very nice reading articles in your blog. There are so many things I feel like sahring..but hardly get to action them…Kudos to you for doing that…Being outside India takes lot of toll on your social life and newspapers and information from these blogs are really important for us to be informed about heppenings!!…Keep up your work…

9. chetanachaitanya - March 10, 2008

Namaste Prasad,
Your blog is very interesting… It’s different

~ Chetana Teerthahalli

10. Venkatesha Murthy K S - February 28, 2009


heege nimma “Bhagavadgeeta of Kannada” post kannige bittu. chennaagi bardiddeeri sir. naanu kooda nimma haage DVG fan. haage kagga’na innoo popularise madbeku antha “todayskagga” antha ondu google group shuru maadi daily ondondu kagga post maadtha iddeeni. haage adakke anthane ondu blog kooda ide (http://todayskagga.blogspot.com).

haa, nimma innoo kelavu post’galanna od’de. thumba chennagive.

keep up the enthu and take care 🙂

11. Daddi - December 31, 2009

Dear Prasad,
This is the first time i read your blog…i realise that i know very little about you…good writing…keep it up…

Wish you a very happy new year…may all your plans come true…

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